2022 Women of Color Symposium

Women of Color Symposium header with Drs Pertuz and Madas

Higher education weathered the pandemic, but challenges persist. Now our institutions must grapple with a new wave of workplace pressures: “quiet quitting,” the Great Resignation, realignment thinking, and colleagues redefining how, when and why they work. 

What does that mean for women in higher education? We are poised to become renaissance leaders as we re-order priorities, reinvest in what matters most, and shift to a new mindset. 

The NJ ACE Women’s Network presents its 2022 Women of Color Symposium, December 2, via Zoom. You’ll hear from Human Resources and DEI expert Sofia Pertuz, Ph.D., and moderator Yesenia Madas, Ed.D., VP of Student Affairs at Brookdale Community College as they unpack what it means to be a renaissance leader.

Registration for this event is closed. (January 2023)

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