Two professional women pose for NJ ACE Network

NJ ACE Women meet, greet and reconnect

The most recent event hosted by NJ ACE Women’s Network drew attendees from across south and central Jersey—all for the opportunity to meet, greet and reconnect at B2 Bistro and Bar in Toms River.

NJ ACE board members Akirah Fenimore of Seton Hall University and Dr. Nicole Pulliam of Monmouth University welcomed guests and facilitated activities designed for attendees to get to know each other. Most were especially grateful to be there and some, who faced difficult commutes, couldn’t wait to wind down the day with other professionals.

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About the evening

“Traffic delays due to the Presidential motorcade didn’t deter our attendees from coming!” said Ms. Fenimore, who ushered in guests who traveled up to two hours to join NJ ACE. “Our guests had the opportunity to connect in-person while sharing their strengths as women in higher education.”

There was no shortage of talent in the room as women shared their ‘superpowers’.

“We learned that women in our community of higher ed professionals are adept at so many things,” said Ms. Fenimore. “They are talented at planning, programming, connecting, presenting data in a creative way, student empathy, and engagement.”

NJ ACE Women’s Network looks forward to more gatherings throughout the 2022-23 academic year. Next up is the organization’s annual Women of Color Symposium. Watch e-mail and social media for details.