Presidential Sponsor

ACE Women’s Network-New Jersey is proud to welcome Dr. Marcheta P. Evans, president of Bloomfield College, as our 2021 Presidential Sponsor. IN the video below, she shares a welcome message with the New Jersey higher education community and beyond.

Dr. Evans, who became Bloomfield College’s 17th President in June 2019, has served in transformational leadership roles in higher education for 26 years at both public and private institutions. Twenty-one of those years were spent at Minority Serving Institutions (MSI’s) in the nation’s seventh-largest city, San Antonio, Texas.

Read her official bio here.

Presidential sponsors such as Dr. Evans serve as advisors and mentors to the state chairs and state planning boards. Each state network should have at least one president to serve in this capacity. The sponsor(s) are appointed by the state network, and/or suggested by the WNEC and acknowledged by the director of the Inclusive Excellence Group. WNEC members may suggest potential presidential sponsors to the network. Presidential sponsors may show support in the following ways:

  • Identify and nominate state chairs for state networks.
  • Nominate women to provide leadership on the ACE WNEC to be
    presidential sponsors, to attend regional or national women’s leadership forums, for participation on statewide committees, or for senior-level positions in higher education.
    Prepare and lead presentations and workshops at conferences and other programs for women in higher education at the state or national level.
  • Provide moral support and, where possible, staffing, time, and funding to the state network for worthy projects, and/or help state chairs and state planning boards in identifying and securing the resources necessary to sustain the state network and its initiatives.
  • Recognize the value of the work done by the chair and planning board by publicly citing their work where appropriate.
  • Inform the states on issues regarding women in higher education. A presidential sponsor should support and develop strategies that meet the specific needs of women in higher education within her or his state.