Professional Development Resources

  1. National Office of Women Higher Education:
  2. ACE (OWHE) National and Regional Leadership Forums:
  3. ACE Fellows Program:
  4. ACE Workshops for Department and Division Chairs:
  5. The Center of American Women and Politics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey:
  6. The New England branch of Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) develops programs to improve the status and opportunities of academic professional women:
  7. Management Development Program at Harvard University:
  8. National Association of Women in Education (NAWE):
  9. National Institute for Leadership Development:
  10. Women in Higher Education (News Journal):$spindb.query.indexmain.wihe
  11. Higher Education Resource Services (HERS)-Mid America Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education:
  12. Asian-Pacific American Women’s Leadership Institute:
  13. Center for Creative Leadership-The Women’s Leadership Program:
  14. The Institute for Management and Leadership at Harvard University:
  15. For Women Only-Career Planning:
  16. American Council on Education – Inclusive Excellence Workgroup
  17. National Women’s Leadership Forum:
  18. Regional Women’s Leadership Forum:’s-Leadership-Forum.aspx
  19. Spectrum Executive Leadership Program:
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