Join NJ ACE for ‘Drafting the Vision for Your Role’

Are you familiar with the adage that women “can’t have it all?” The NJ ACE Women’s Network says, think again. Recent studies are challenging this notion, proposing instead that women should focus on reshaping workplaces historically designed by and for men. This approach aims to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for women at […]

Redefining ‘First, Only or Different’

For Reem Jaafar, Ph.D., being different in a big academic department—and in STEM—has taken many forms. She leverages different approaches to serve first-generation college students and guide them toward success. She is equally committed to supporting her colleagues as they grow in their journeys.  “You can be different in how you do things,” says NJ […]

First, Only or Different: Moving from Deficit Mindset to Asset Mindset

Bring your lunch to the virtual “table” as we explore FOD: How Are We First, Only, or Different? Moving from a Deficit Mindset to an Asset Mindset Our next Lunch & Lead event, slated for Friday, February 2, 2024 at noon, presents an invaluable opportunity for women in higher education to explore a topic that […]

Explore Mentoring at NJ ACE Women of Color Conference

The NJ ACE Women’s Network will host its 2023 Women Of Color Virtual Fall Conference, featuring speaker Rosann Santos, CPC. Moderator Dr. Carolina Gonzalez of Montclair State University, and other NJ ACE members, will join the speaker in an exploration of what it takes to motivate, strengthen, and cultivate relationships. “Mentorship is not just about guiding […]

NJ ACE Welcomes New Board Members

August 21, 2023—The NJ ACE Women’s Network officially welcomed a dozen new board members to its leadership team, including a range of experienced faculty members, staffers, and administrators. The group, led by chair Nicole Pulliam, Ph.D. (Monmouth University), and co-chair Akirah Fenimore (Seton Hall University), includes nine returning board members for the 2023-24 academic year. […]

Action and intention essential to leading with authenticity, purpose

Leading with purpose and authenticity is not always easy—but it is necessary, especially as women in higher education look to advance and bring others with them along the way. That was just one of the many important takeaways shared by three New Jersey college presidents at the NJ ACE Women’s Network recent leadership conference, hosted […]

Leading with purpose, authenticity focus of 2023 NJACE conference

Leading is one thing. But leading with purpose and authenticity—especially in the face of enrollment challenges, economic pressures, policy shifts, and the needs of a growing list of stakeholders? Well, that’s a whole other topic—one that the New Jersey ACE Women’s Network is looking to tackle Friday, March 24 during its spring conference at Seton Hall University. “Leading with […]

2022 Women of Color Symposium

Higher education weathered the pandemic, but challenges persist. Now our institutions must grapple with a new wave of workplace pressures: “quiet quitting,” the Great Resignation, realignment thinking, and colleagues redefining how, when and why they work.  What does that mean for women in higher education? We are poised to become renaissance leaders as we re-order […]

Bloomfield hosts kickoff event

More than 50 higher education leaders representing institutions across New Jersey gathered at Bloomfield College for our 2022-23 kickoff in late September. Our wine and cheese social was hosted by Bloomfield College President Marcheta Evans, Ph.D. (also the presidential sponsor for NJ ACE) and drew professionals eager to connect and catch up. “It was a […]

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